Active marketing for effective business
Active marketing is attacking marketing. However, such marketing is very rare, because today's world is very passive and passive marketing. The overwhelming majority of companies live in such a way…

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The perfect start to your own business
Business in its essence is the materialization of an idea. If the idea materializes correctly, then the business is successful and makes money. When an idea materializes incorrectly, then the…

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Modern business formula
There is no shortage of goods and services as it used to be now, on the contrary, supply is more than demand. In fact, the problem is just to get…

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The easiest way to make money

The easiest way to make money quickly and a lot is to give people what they want, but they can’t buy. Of course, you have to work hard to determine what people want and cannot buy. However, the work is not dusty, interesting and accessible to all who have the Internet. Earnings options can be found for thousands and one of the ready ones is offered below.

My suggestion is to make money on Friday 13th. Perhaps you are surprised now, because you can hardly even imagine how you can make money on Friday 13. I’ll explain now. “Friday 13”, seemingly a simple phrase, no better or worse than others. In appearance, it is not clear how you can earn on this. However, this is only in appearance.

In reality, it is so densely entrenched in people’s subconsciousness that every time such a date happens, everyone almost shudders, and sincerely shudders, as if something could actually happen that could not happen on another date. The fact that a person shudders is good, because it portends an easy way to make money.

Friday 13 is a really easy way to make money. People are very pumped up with this idea and very much want to implement it. They seem to be in a state of hypnosis or trance from which they cannot be withdrawn. You try to convince people that this is the same date as everything, that there is nothing special in it. Not here it was! The presentation of evidence begins.

Nobody wants to blame everything that happened on coincidence.

One recalls that on Friday 13 he stepped into a puddle and got dirty, after which he was late for work and lost the prize. Another recalls that it was on Friday 13 that he suddenly ran out of gas and was forced to sleep in a dark forest, shaking from any rustling. The third one recalls that it was on Friday 13 that an accident happened to him.

Nobody wants to blame everything that happened on a coincidence. Everyone wants to see in the date “Friday 13″ something more than it really is. All this happens because the cinema made a brand from the date “Friday 13”, and nobody registered it! Yes, Friday 13 is a brand, and a very powerful brand that knows billions.

Where there is a brand that is not registered, but promoted, there is an easy way to make money! Billions of people are pumped over with the idea of ​​”Friday 13” and want to realize it, but they cannot. If you give them something that allows you to realize the idea and eventually relax, they will gladly buy it. Billions of people will make a purchase and will bring billions of US dollars.

If the product was previously sold, then sales will increase significantly

Making sure that Friday 13 is a brand is very easy, it’s enough to analyze the brand. Analysis is only one way. The second way is to start stamping this date on any item. If the product was previously sold, sales will increase significantly; if not, a very successful debut awaits it, and where there is a successful debut, there is an easy way to make money.

Success is waiting because at this date people close some of their needs, and when an object on which such a symbol stands in their field of vision, they can’t do anything with themselves except how to buy this product. They see an object in front of them that can satisfy the need that tormented them for a long time, and they want to get it.

The algorithm by which the Friday 13 brand was created is as simple as the algorithm by which all other well-known brands were created. The first time you are told that there is a number 13, you do not react to it. Well, 13 and so what. Then you are reminded once again about this number, and once again, and in parallel, they attach some emotional event to this number.

Such a move is commonly used in advertising.

This happens several times and, in the end, your psyche “breaks through” and you have emotions regarding a given number, which you begin to associate with the symbol of their personification – the number 13. Such a move is widely used in advertising and its essence is , to pump people emotions, which is heterogeneity.

Heterogeneity is a very unpleasant thing that torments people from the inside, I want to get rid of it and throw it off somewhere. Automatically, our consciousness dumps heterogeneity into what is advertised in advertising. Moreover, the more emotions are created, the more intense the heterogeneity is created and the stronger is the desire to get rid of it.
Heterogeneity is created by the introduction of ideas into people. Ideas get into people and create it in them. Implementing ideas is quite expensive. Very often, the costs of introducing ideas more income from the sale of goods and services for their implementation. Accordingly, having billions of people with an already implemented idea is an easy way to make money.

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