How to sell a startup and get rich
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Strong business on your own
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The concept of a creative economy
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Effective way to improve business

Improving a business is a necessity due to the fact that everything is flowing and changing. Once the most profitable business was agriculture. Then the industry became the most profitable business. After the industry, information technologies became the most profitable business, but their profitability will soon fall.

Improving the business of a new method

Recently, a creative business began to emerge as a leader. The creation of a creative business is a creative economy, and the representatives of this business are a creative class. The biggest money now is earned by businesses associated with creativity. This is due to the fact that we have entered the post-industrial economy, the main product of which is creative.

At any time, the most successful was a quality business, and a quality business is simply impossible without marketing. In connection with the emergence of a new type of business, a new type of marketing should appear, because the old type of marketing is not suitable for new realities. Obsolete marketing of previous versions is an objective process and is associated with the latest achievements in the field of science and technology.

A new type of marketing is noomarketing. Business improvement is now implemented with its help. Switching to the new version of marketing is a logical strategy, if only because you should not expect support for the old versions of marketing, because collectors can invest in antiques. However, there are hardly any collectors of marketing versions.

Business improvement requires a small restart

Improving a business requires a small restart. To make the transition to the new version quick and painless, it is better to start preparing for a reboot as early as possible in order not to do it in a hurry. It is best to begin with a good understanding of what the essence of noomarketing is, because not only marketing changes, but also its essence.

The essence of marketing noomarketing is different than classic marketing. Noomarketing is not just a new name, but new principles, which is why it opens up new opportunities. If earlier the essence of marketing was in the search and satisfaction of needs, then the essence of noomarketing is deeper and this is not a whim, but a vital necessity, because not only business and marketing change, the consumer changes too.

Soon the most active and richest consumers, consumers of whom every marketer dreams, will no longer be the same as now. Now consumers enough to meet their needs and requirements, which lie on the surface. Consumers of the new type will have little satisfaction of the needs and requirements that lie on the surface.

Ideas are introduced into people, they first need, and then need

They will want to satisfy those needs that they feel, but are not yet aware of. Satisfying such needs will be possible only through creativity, only through the creation of what is not yet. As you know, needs and requirements originate from ideas. Ideas are introduced into people, they first create a need, and then a need.

Noomarketing is based on this premise. Marketing of the previous version began with needs and requirements, but marketing starts with what creates needs and requirements. Ideas themselves have little meaning, the main meaning is to embody them. Ideas are embodied through creativity. Creativity is the process of drawing, identifying and shaping ideas.

The idea penetrates a person, but initially he does not realize it, but only feels it. Accordingly, he needs to realize it. Creativity is the process of transferring ideas from an unconscious state to a conscious state. Transforming ideas from unconscious to conscious state is not always easy. For its designation there is even such a phrase as “creative torment”.

One of the reasons for creating is precisely the desire to experience this pleasure.

These torments are precisely due to the fact that in order to find the right words to identify an idea, you need to sweat. Picking words to express an idea is somewhat similar to picking a password. You know that there is a password and you know that sooner or later you will shave it, but you don’t know when it will happen. Perhaps everything will turn out at the first combination, but it may be necessary to select tens and hundreds of these combinations before the password to the idea is chosen and it opens to consciousness.

Works on the selection of a password that opens up an idea to consciousness are always rewarded. After this happened, after the password is chosen, the person who picked it up is experiencing strong pleasure. One of the reasons for creating is precisely the desire to experience this pleasure. Creatives in general and the creative class in particular are engaged in the selection of this password. But consumers are not a loser.

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